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Bonnie (Dogs Trust)

Bonnie was named so as she is such a bonnie lass now. Always wagging and wanting to play. Picked up as a stray in Wales and brought to Salisbury. The staff were fantastic in helping us find a good match. I can't imagine our home without her now.  

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Bobby Doza (AKA Dobbie) from Wood Green Animal Charity

Good morning Wood Green! We thought we will give you a quick update on how Dobbie is settling in. Well, he got us busy that's for sure! :-) He constantly muddle up our shoes and look for things to do! 9 of us are entertaining him regularly, toys, walks, socialising with other dog, meeting our friends. He loves it! I tried going for a run with him and within seconds I was flat on the floor...OK, maybe that was a bad idea. He loves digging into his plastic bottles as well as play with his toys. In the morning, he comes for a 'wake up you lazy humans 'cuddle...we love it. Sunny day today we are planning a long walk....

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Ben from Wood Green Animal Charity

Ben has made our family complete. Despite being here a little over a week he has fitted right in, and constantly makes us laugh. Even though he has the smallest legs he definitely has the biggest personality - we love him already - Hayley, Steve, Sophie, Jack and Lucy x

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