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About Pete

Centre: Manchester
Breed: Beagle
Age: 5 to 7 Years
Sex: Male


Pete is a shy natured 6 year old Beagle, who is looking for experienced & patient owners, who will help him grow in confidence & build a long-lasting & loving bond. He hasn't had the best start in life and is finding kennel life difficult at the moment, so he is looking for owners who will be at home most of the day initially.

Type of home needed

Pete needs committed owners who appreciate that it will take him time to grow in confidence & settle in to his new home. Potential owners must be experienced & have knowledge of the breed. They must live in a quiet area, away from busy main roads & have minimal visitors. He could potentially live with sensible & calm children aged over 16, but it is essential that they are respectful of his space & handling. Pete must be the only dog in the home.

More about me

Pete will need owners who'll be fully committed to continuing with all of his training, including house training. It is essential that Pete has access to his own securely fenced garden. Potential owners will need to visit the Centre a few times, but if you're interested in him please visit the Centre for further information.

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