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About Nick

Centre: Canterbury
Breed: Dachshund: Std Smooth Hr 
Age: 1 to 2 Years
Sex: Male


Nick is an 18 month old sensitive soul who has not had the best start in life. He originally came to us from quarantine after being smuggled into the UK. He has always been a little worried by other dogs so can be quiet vocal to try and scare them off. He does like to make new doggy friends but prefers those of similar size. He can initially be shy around new people but this all stems from having a slightly sheltered start those first few months. Despite this he is quiet confident in himself so it won't take him long to adjust he just likes the sound of his own voice.

Type of home needed

Nick is looking for an active home and can live with mature teenagers aged 16 or above. He is scared of young children so older visitors only. He has some basics and has been in a home so is house trained. He would be best as the only dog in the home and can be left for a couple of hours once he is settled in and used to this. The Behaviour Team will provide support on how to manage him and his bark in a new home.

More about me

If you are interested in Nick, please contact the Canterbury Centre as he is in a foster home as part of our Home from Home Scheme. You will need to speak to a rehomer to see if he is suitable and the dog for you before we arrange a meet.

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