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About Cassie
Centre: Merseyside
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier (JRT)
Age: 6 to 12 Months
Sex: Female


Cassie arrived at our centre with her sister, Connie. She's a sweet little girl who hasn't seen so much of the world and is finding things a little overwhelming at the moment. She loves to play with her sister in their kennel and with some gentle introductions to life, she'll soon find her confidence.

Type of home needed

Cassie enjoys the comapny of other dogs but she hasn't met many, so at the moment she is a little reactive as she is unsure how to behave. She can be rehomed with Connie, or she'll be fine by herself. She would benefit from some training and socialisation classes, as these will help build her confidence. Cassie can live with children aged about 12, but she isn't housetrained.

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