Spooks the Lurcher (Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

  • Name:  Spooks
  • Age:  6
  • Gender:  Male
  • Breed:  Lurcher
  • Location:  Devon
  • MGAR Reference:  40503

Hello my name is Spooks. I am a 5 year old male Lurcher who is looking for my forever home. My perfect day consists of playing with my doggy friends, then playing fetch with the staff here as I get to show off how fast I am! After playtime, I like to snuggle down in my bed for a snooze before having a cuddle with the staff. I would play for hours if I could, therefore I would like a home which can give me lots of mental stimulation, for example, dog puzzles, going for long walks, training sessions. I'm a very clever boy and wow the staff here with my fast learning, I would like to continue training classes with my new family as I really enjoy it. (It would also help me to bond with my new family). I would prefer to be in an adult only home, as well as being the only pet, so I can receive all the love and attention I need.

For any enquiries please go to: www.margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk

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